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The School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) is very excited to present a one-day expo for the very first time this year to showcase the best of our researchers’ wide-ranging and thought-provoking works! This impressive and stimulating inaugural expo event is open to both the public as well as our industry partners where all will see the School’s thriving vision of being a place of high global repute.

NTU EEE Expo will showcase several ongoing and innovative projects of essential researches which can boost Singapore’s dream to build the four pillars of its future economy and transform its society. The four pillars identified by the Singapore government in its latest, five-year Research, Innovation and Enterprise 2020 Plan are: Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering; Health and Biomedical Sciences; Services and Digital Economy; and Urban Solutions and Sustainability.

There will be live technical demonstrations, numerous informative booth exhibits, various NTU EEE faculty members, scientists and research staff from the School’s robust research centres, laboratories and industrial units at the expo to mingle and interact with!