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Seminar: Robotic to Strengthen the Workforce


This seminar was a 3-hr titled Robotic to Strengthen the Workforce to be organised by Ms Susan Van Boxtel, Advisor for Innovation, Technology & Science from Holland Innovation Network, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for Singapore at Cassia Ballroom, Level 3, Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre.



Robots are our future colleagues and companions. They are becoming more intelligent, aware of their surroundings, safer and cheaper. Robots are no longer considered a stand-alone machine, designed to execute one task. They can adjust and interact and make their way into our daily lives.

Societal challenges have put a lot of pressure on the existing workforce. Singapore struggles with a labour crunch, low productivity and a rapidly ageing population. In 2015 the Singapore government announced the National Robotics Programme. Budget has been made available for research, living labs and test beds and the enabling of mass adoption.

The Netherlands is facing similar challenges. The government, universities and the industry, designed the smart industry action plan. This action plan focuses on robotics, 3D printing and internet of things. The main pillars of this action plan are expansion of knowledge, set-up and acceleration of fields labs and fundamentals, such as knowledge, skills and ICT, for the success of smart industry. The fastest growth of robotics in the Netherlands is expected to occur in the industry, medical and agrofood sectors.

During the seminar Singaporean and Dutch experts will share their views on development, trends and the future of robotics. Answering question such as: Are robot the real problem solvers and which problems do robot solve? Which key sectors will benefit from robotic solutions? How can we bridge the gap between research and industry?