Precision landing for unmanned aerial vehicle


To solve precise landing problem of a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) UAV using a cost-effective control system.


Current progress includes the development of the vision-based landing algorithm for a Tricopter UAV with available payload below 600 g. The newly developed UAV is equipped with local and global positioning systems comprising an on-board computer, a low-cost camera and an autopilot system. 

Experimental tests have been successfully carried out for UAV’s landing on a predefined landing targets under different illumination (sunny and cloudy) and weather conditions (calm and breezy). 

In addition, the application of the visual algorithm has also been extended for undefined landing targets with unknown size and the target precision is set below 30 cm.


                                             Integration of the control algorithm in the Tricopter UAV


                                              Landing test on moving (left) and static (right) targets  



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Principal Investigators

Assistant Prof. Erdal Kayacan (NTU)

Telephone: 6790 5585
Office: N3.2-02-28
Mr. Paul Tan (STE)

Telephone: 6660 1052
Office: S1-B4a-03