Since the Corp Lab was first launched on 1 July 2015, more than 15 projects have been initiated in four research areas comprising robust autonomous mobility, collaborative teaming, scene understanding and material handling.

Robust Autonomous Mobility

Using stereo vision on a fast moving unmanned ground vehicle

Obstacles map for unmanned surface vehicle

Urban obstacle detection for unmanned aerial vehicle using stereo vision

Video and image enhancement using rain, haze and fog removal techniques

Precision landing for unmanned aerial vehicle

Fuzzy neural network based learning control of unmanned aerial vehicle

Feasibility study and development of noise reduction algorithms for acoustic signals​

Health Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance for UAV through Data Analytics

UAV Localization and Safe Navigation around Container Cranes during Inspection​

Obstacle Detection and Avoidance in GPSless Environment

Vision-based Urban Obstacles/ Human Detection and Avoidance System for USTAR-Y

Enhanced Deep Learning based Detector and Tracker for Video Analytics

Acoustic Source Detection, Localization and Identification Using Machine Learning Technique in VTOL UAVs

Robust flight control for high capacity VTOL UAV

Collaborative Teaming

Peer-to-peer synchronisation   

Collaborative exploration of unstructured environment

GPSless localisation for unmanned aerial vehicle with self-organised distributed coverage of 3D structures

Ultra-wide band based collaborative decentralised localisation

Multi-robot optimization, scheduling and allocation​​

Joint Situation Awareness and Cooperative Reinforcement Learning​​

Multi-Robot System Architecture​

Multi-Robot Task Planning and Assignment and Dynamic Re-tasking

Scene Understanding

Extreme learning machines based Image classification and scene characterization for autonomous driving

Anomaly understanding visual attention

Sensor fusion frameworks for objects classification, terrain classification and localisation

Scene understanding through bottom-up and top-down processing

Interactive Augmented Reality Robotics Platform​

A Navigation Framework and Methodology for UAV Using Monocular Camera

Effectual Material Handling

Automated passenger boarding bridge (Aerobridge)​

Smart wheelchair system for airport passengers with reduced mobility​