Next Generation of Airport Operations


The joint research aims to develop advanced robotics and autonomous system technologies – systems that can collect data and make decisions on their own. These systems can transport luggage from the check-in counter to the baggage claim area in the most efficient way, minimizing the number of human operators.​

Airport operations are extremely labor intensive today, with labor cost forming 70 per cent of the total operation costs. Luggage from airport terminals is currently loaded manually on to trailers and driven to aircrafts, then moved by luggage handlers to the aircraft’s cargo compartment.

The increasing labor cost and manpower constraints underscore the need for advanced robotics and smart systems, especially when airports worldwide are embarking on expansion.​

Such systems will also help to enhance the efficiency and safety of aerobridge operations and aircraft tow trucks. The technology is also applicable to logistics companies, where robotic systems can be used to move large items.​​